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Our Mission

TLC Kitty Rescue's mission is to help find loving FOREVER homes for cats & kittens that have been abandoned, mistreated or neglected in addition to help reduce the overpopulation by helping the community TNR cats that are not suitable for adoption.

Adoption Policy

When a potential adopter inquires about a cat, I engage in conversation with them via email, text or phone call. I respond to all inquires. I personally call those potential adopters who I feel demonstrate a genuine interest and love for a new family member. Most of the time, initial contact is through email and text messages. I ask when is a good time to call. I have several questions I ask during the conversation that I use for screening. If I feel the person is a good match for the cat, I ask them to complete and ADOPTION APPLICATION (if they have not already done so).

Once I receive the application, I arrange a meet & greet day at my home. I ask them to bring a cat carrier in hopes they are the perfect parent to be! If I approve of the adoption, the adopter MUST complete an ADOPTION CONTRACT! I review the entire contract with them to make sure they understand this is a COMMITMENT and there are no unanswered questions.

I ALWAYS offer advice and help for ANY questions or concerns they may have... such as proper "cat equipment" (ie: towers, litter, foods) and behavior or some basic medical questions such as when is the next vaccine, how do I trim my cats nails, what if they start scratching, flea treatments, toys, and HAZZARDS to avoid!

I let my adopters know that I LOVE updates, pictures, calls etc and I am NEVER bothered by them. They can call me 5 minutes from the time they get home, 5 days, weeks, month years... doesn't matter. I want to make sure EVERYONE is happy!

I like to follow up with each adopter a few days after the adoption, then in a couple of week and then in a few months. I also ask that they register the microchip IMMEDIATELY!! I have yet to have anyone say they were not okay with follow-up communications. In fact, I receive random messages through my days from people that have adopted a cat from me months or a year ago. I love it!!!

The rescue work I do is a labor of love, so I am very cautious and screen carefully. I do not have children... these kitties are my kids! I devote more time and money to rescue than I do my work or personal life. Rescue is my PASSION.

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