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 At Lionel's Legacy we make a point of making sure each senior dog receives superior medical care and if necessary receives any dental work or surgery to make sure they're comfortable before going into their forever home. We know that seniors can be expensive to care for so we want to provide the most successful environment for both our foster dogs and adoptive families. If any of our doggies are on long term medications we also provide at minimum a one months supply to any potential adopters. Each adoption also comes with a large Costco dog bed, a large bag of dog food, and a special "rescue" collar. We love our doggies and want to make sure we support them and the families that love them too!

In 2011 we had the pleasure of fostering our first senior who was a 15 year old pittie mix pulled from a Los Angeles shelter. We had fostered many dogs before but the one who stole our he

Adoption Policy

Please contact us today to fill out an adoption application! We cant wait to hear from you!

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Recommended Pets