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Our Mission

Please note: We don't have the capacity to take found animals from the public. The pets listed here are those which came directly from our efforts, which are mostly with TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). We're already beyond capacity with our part in helping the 960,000 free-roaming cats in LA & don't have enough time to respond to requests to take in animals.

Our mission is to reduce animal suffering through:
• returning wayfaring pets to their established homes
• TNR, spaying and neutering animals to prevent additional homeless kittens or puppies
• provide veterinary and wellness care to vulnerable animals that are sick, injured or in distress
• seeking homes for animals we have rescued that are ready for adoption

Adoption Policy

Prospective adopters will:
1. complete an application and telephone interview
2. receive a home security check
3. once approved, remit an adoption fee

If selected for adoption, adopters will:
4a. for cats/kittens, keep a temporary tent/crate/popup kennel in the home to avoid cats hiding/disappearing
4b. for dogs, adopter will be responsible for setting up an appropriately-sized crate
5. agree to return the animal to Animals in Need if needed, and never release to streets or bring to a public shelter or humane society.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets