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Our Mission

To improve the circumstances of as many Cats as we can.

To cut down cat overpopulation by fixing as many feral and stray cats as possible and homing the homeless strays.

To educate pet owners of their responsibility to secure a life for their pets when they pass away. We supply them with legal forms and options.

To promote safe outdoor enjoyment for cats, through harness walking and or giving them a Catio to enjoy.

To aid in capturing feral or stray cats in our comfortable safe outdoor Catio structures which we build for neighborhoods with high volume cat issues.

Adoption Policy

~ Interview
~ Meet The Pet
~ Home Check
~Approve Application
~ Sign Adoption Papers / Pay Fee
~ Leave pet at new home

Upon meeting a potential adopter we ask basic questions about their experience with cats. How many other animals and people are in the house. The age of children in the home. How they would handle discipline and if they have the resources to financially care for a cat.

If they understand the health needs of cats. What happened to their last cat? Do they allow their cats to roam outside? Will they ever declaw? If they are renting does the landlord approve?

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets