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Camp Pendleton Animal Shelter

Area 25, Bldg. 25132
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

Our Mission

The shelter is a public service organization responsible for protecting animal owners, non-owners and domestic animals aboard the base. It accomplishes its mission through the vigorous enforcement of base regulations concerning the ownership of domestic animals. The shelter also strives to offer humane education and to control the pet population on the base by enforcing housing regulations in cooperation with the Base Housing Office.

The shelter provides many services while accomplishing its mission. It also protects animals from abuse and neglect, rescues sick or injured animals, and places qualified animals in the adoption program.

Adoption Policy

We would love for you to get acquainted with our adoptable dogs and cats. 

Find one you like? Then give us a call to make sure that pet is still at the shelter. If all goes well, just pay the adoption fee and you are off on your way with your new furry friend.  We accept cash or Visa or Mastercard, no checks. 

If you currently own a dog, please bring your pet and children, so we may do a interaction with all family members.  

- Dog adoption fee is $110.
- Cat adoption fee is $85.

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Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets