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Daisy Senior Dog Foundation aka DaisyLu Ranch

Camarillo, CA

Our Mission

We rescue dogs who have been abandoned at the shelter due to their age or declining health. These dogs would have difficulty getting adopted and would be the first ones to be euthanized. After arriving at DailyLu Ranch, these senior dogs will be evaluated by our vet to determine a course of action to keep them comfortable with possible surgeries, medication, or simply with improved nutrition and exercise. The dogs will be loved and gently cared for and will live out their lives at DaisyLu Ranch. They will not die alone.

Adoption Policy

We have the potential adopter fill out an application, then we set up a meet and greet. If they want to adopt, we set up a home check. If all goes well, we bring the dog to the adopter's home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets