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4 Paws Rescue Foundation

Calabasas, CA

Our Mission

4 Paws Rescue Foundation is dedicated to helping the cats and kittens trying to survive on the streets. Each year, we trap, neuter and return (TNR) several hundred cats. We take in the adoptable kittens and cats, get all of their vetting done and put them into foster care until they find their furever homes.

Because we do not operate out of a shelter or have a facility in which to house our adoptable cats and kittens, we rely heavily on fosters who open their hearts and their homes, offering lots of love and care until they find their furever homes. Once the foster families start working with kittens that have never been handled and tame them down, they blossom and flourish which makes them absolute sweethearts and able to be adopted out!

We show at Petco and we have heard time and time again how sweet and beautiful our kittens and cats are! That is because lots of love, time and patience is given to each kitty.

Adoption Policy

We set up a meet and greet and if interested in adopting, an Adoption Agreement is then filled out.   

If approved, we set up a home delivery and bring you the cat(s), the Adoption Agreement with all of the vetting on the back and help get the kitty settled into their new home.

Even after the adoptions, we are always available for questions.

95% of our adopters stay in contact with us and we LOVE getting pictures, texts and updates of the kitties!   

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