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Coyote Crossing Ranch Rescue and Sanctuary

Byron, CA

Our Mission

Coyote Crossing Ranch Rescue and Sanctuary (CCRR&S) is an animal rescue, rehabilitation center and a safe haven for all animals. Our focus is taking in injured, neglected, mistreated and/or abandoned animals that are in need of a home. Animals that are able to be rehabilitated and rehomed will be adopted out and animals that are in need of continuous care, have special needs or are otherwise not suited to rehome will stay on the ranch for the remainder of their lives. All animals will receive vet care as needed and will be housed and fed in a safe, secure, peaceful environment. CCRR&S hopes to receive donations from the public and hold fundraising events in order to raise money to care for the needs of the rescued animals. CCRR&S also plans to raise awareness of the neglect and abuse of animals.

Adoption Policy

Fill out adoption form, we review, and if person meets all qualifications they can adopt.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets