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Our Mission

Parade of Paws Rescue daily mission is to rescue and save the precious lives of dogs (primarily) that unfortunately others have discarded, abandoned, neglected, abused or mishandled.. The focus being on shelter euthlisted dogs that have NO MORE time and provide them more time to be "discovered". It is not only our mission to save lives but to enrich them and to enrich their new humans lives as well by proper placement and education. Proper matchmaking is key in this. POP Rescue assists the community as well to keep dogs in their current homes by assisting with education, sources for low cost spay and neuter, property management intervention, etc to avoid pets from being displaced and allow pet and human to remain intack as a family.

POP Rescue's long term mission and goals are to change the laws to protect, develop population control and policing mehanicisms to dramitically decrease the discarded lives that needlessly, tragically and horiffically lose their lives due to ignorance, irresponsbility and inability to properly provide for any animal. Resolution to decrease these horrible misfortunes that these animals are placed in must be achieved. There ARE solutions, and these solutions need to be achieved NOW in our current times - NOT later and NOT never. LIFE is what matters!! Not some stupid stunt or idiotic display on social media. LIVING BEINGS (human and animal) that are on this earth solely and directly as a result of human lack of responsbility need to be given the SAME right to life, respect, protection, care and nuturing exaclty as those that exist within planned and proper life planning.

Please assist us with fostering or adopting or volunteering!


Adoption Policy

Parade of Paws Rescue works on a case by case scenario for adoptions. Flexibility is necessary for both the pet and human.

Foster to adopt is offered and favored but not necessary if the adopters have a deep, instant connection and know that this is their new family member without a doubt.

Here are the genral steps to fostering or adopting:
1) Phone converation to dicuss in detail the adopter and any prospetive dogs.
2) complete the application and return for review and approval
3) meet and greet
4) selection of prospetive dog
5) home safety check and education and/or indentification of any immediate training or focal areas to assist in ease of in home transition
6) foster to adopt/adoption agreement executed and adoption fee/donation fulfilled
7) foster to adopt trial to commence (or adoption)
8) review to conclude and determine if adoption option will be considered and/or concluded with final review of the acclimation of all involved

Adoption fees generally range from $250 - $800 - which includes rabies vaccination (other vaccinations may also be included at Rescue discretion), microchip, spay/neuter, flea/tick prevention, collar and leash (harness may also be included at Rescue discretion).

Additional perks:
Ask about any specials that may be offered at time of application or adoption.
Boarding is offered for any adopters depending on availability at time of need. Boarding is free though a donation to the Rescue is greatly appreciated.

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