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Our Mission

Parade of Paws Rescue mission is to rescue and save the precious lives of these pets/animals that unfortunately others have only neglected, abused, discarded or disregarded. It is not only our mission to save lives but to enrich them and to enrich their new humans lives as well. Match making is key. Our bigger picture is a focus on changing the laws necessary to resolve and decrease these horrible misfortunes that these animals are placed in. There are solutions, and these solutions need to be achieved NOW in our current times - NOT later and NOT never.

Adoption Policy

Parade of Paws Rescue works on a case by case scenario. Flexibility is necessary for both the pet and the human. Meet and greets start the process. Foster to adopt is offered and favored but not necessary if the adopters have a deep, instant connection and KNOW this is their new family member without a doubt. Parade of Paws Rescue will always take a pet back under their care should a circumstance that can not be overcome arises. This is why the foster to adopt is key. It is hard on a pet mentally to be shifted around,

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets