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Homeless To Forever Foundation - Monrovia

Arcadia, CA

Our Mission

The Homeless To Forever Foundation is a non-profit animal rescue organization that seeks to transport animals from the misery of Homelessness to the ideal of Forever Home. We strive to rescue animals that will never have a chance of survival and place them in Forever Homes that will transform their lives to incredible happiness and security

Homeless To Forever Foundation is looking for foster homes for our rescued animals. We need volunteers, financial donations, spreading the word, foster parents, and forever homes. Please feel free to email us if you are able to help or have any interest in becoming a foster or forever parent. We look forward to meeting you.


Homeless To Forever Foundation is a 501c3 animal rescue organization. Our primary aim is to provide rescue and forever home placement of animals from the Southern California shelter systems.  We aim to provide last minute rescue to critters and other animals that have been scheduled for euthanasia and have run out of time in securing an help from local animal rescue organizations.

Our secondary goal is to provide the same quality of rescue and placement for animals abandoned or in need of being rehomed by private individuals with the goal of preventing these creatures from otherwise entering the shelter system.

Homeless To Forever will also selectively and minimally team with and support the rescue of animals that are outside the Southern California region, however in a

Adoption Policy

APPLICATIONS: For dogs, cats, and critters can be submitted via our website at and click on the specific application link. There is a Word doc. page for applications BUT also a direct submission link. If all else fails with getting access to the application, send an email to to request an application.

MEET & GREETS: May be arranged by invitation AFTER an application had been submitted. Meet and Greets can also be arranged as part of the home visit after a phone conversation.

Application, home check, meet and greet, contract, and adoption fee. Home visit and meet and greet can take place simultaneously. All Microchips stay in the name of HTFF. Adoption fee due at time animal placed in the new home.

Most of our doggies have found homes in the Los Angeles City area and in the San Gabriel Valley area, however we have also placed doggies in San Diego, Carlsbad, Riverside, and Crestline. Being in Los Angeles County, we are easily able to do meet and greets throughout Southern California.

We rescue primarily from Southern California shelters, but we have accepted animals that have been transported to our area from other parts of California. We have been coordinating transports of shelter dogs from Riverside County Shelter to other states and to Canada for over two years now.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets