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Sunny Day Acres

Agua Dulce, CA

Our Mission

Sunny Day Acres offers training, boarding, and also rescues many dogs that would otherwise we put down or be on the streets, some even with newborn pups. Everything from severe medical cases, to pregnant and nursing dogs, to dogs that need socialization, SDA is there to help. Jennifer Gray also helps other rescues by providing discounted training for their dogs in need. With the added services of boarding and training, adopters can get discounted help so that we hope you'll never have any reason to give up your dog!

Adoption Policy

They can either come by the facility any day 9-6 when we are open to the public, or they may submit an application prior. Either way, they must come meet us with their entire family and any other dogs they have to meet with any of our dogs they are potentially interested in adopting. They can adopt a dog same day, as we can follow them to their home with the dog to do a home check. We stay involved with our adopters from beginning to the life of their dog. We even have a Facebook private group called Sunny Day Dogs where adopters can stay in touch with litter mates' adopters, share fun photos of their pooches, and also ask for any advice from each other as well as us.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets