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Our Mission

In the heart of Yuma, a story unfolds at Homeward Bound Animal Rescue, one that speaks of tenderness, hope, and second chances. Here, every whisker and wag tells a tale of resilience, a narrative penned by the very souls of the forsaken who find sanctuary within our walls. Our quest is noble, pure, and unwavering: to cradle the forgotten, heal the broken, and to weave into the fabric of their beings the promise of a forever love. Our hands are those of healers, our voices the harbingers of new beginnings. We stand as guardians of compassion, champions of the voiceless, dedicated to the ethos of gentle stewardship and the sacred bond between humans and their animal companions. With every pet that passes through our doors, we pledge an oath to kindle the light of understanding, to spay and educate, to adopt and adore. Together, let's sculpt a community that reflects the heartbeat of our mission, a Yuma that reverberates with the purrs and pants of its happiest residents. Step into our story, become a part of this transformative journey, and let us, side by side, etch the ethos of love into the legacy of our town.

Adoption Policy

Prospective adopters are encouraged to initiate the adoption process by filling out a comprehensive digital application hosted on This step is crucial as it helps us gather important information about the individual interested in adoption. Once the application is submitted, our dedicated review team meticulously assesses it to understand the adopter's environment and suitability for pet ownership.

After the initial review, we proceed to a more interactive phase where we engage in an in-depth conversation with the potential adopter. This conversation serves multiple purposes: it allows us to address any queries they might have, clarifies our expectations, and helps us gain insights into their lifestyle and pet care philosophy.

Following the discussion, we schedule a home inspection. The objective of this visit is twofold: to ensure that the adopter's living space is safe and well-prepared to welcome a new pet, and to verify that the environment aligns with our standards for a permanent and loving home. This careful vetting process is designed to ensure the best possible match between our animals and their future families, prioritizing the animal's welfare and the adopter's readiness for a long-term commitment.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets