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Our Mission

Miss Maggie May's Rescue is an all volunteer,  501(c)(3) rescue group based in Tucson, AZ. We provide medical care, spay/neuter and vaccinations for dogs that have found themselves deemed not adoptable in our local shelter. It could be moms to be, families, puppies, sick or injured dogs. We also take in strays and owner surrenders. We are committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and giving these dogs a safe place to get well before finding them a loving home. All our dogs are fostered in private volunteer homes.

Adoption Policy

Miss Maggie May's Rescue wants to ensure that our rescued pet is going to the best possible home for that pet and the adopter intends on keeping their new pet for the rest of the pet's life.

The process for adoption is: An Adoption Application is required, and can be found on our website at the bottom of any page. Once the application is sent back to us, we will review it.  We will then contact you, a meet and greet may be set up at that time.  The final step would be an Adoption Contract filled out, signed and a home check.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets