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Homeward Huskies

tucson, AZ

Our Mission

Homeward Huskies offers resources to owners and Good Samaritans who wish to surrender their northern breeds; education, compassion, and enrichment are the cornerstones of our rescue

Adoption Policy

Meet and Greet: Meeting with prospective families and available dogs is required. Initial M&Gs do not include potential fur-family members. If meetings go well, we'll set up a meeting with the new fur-family and move forward from there.

Trial Run: After Meet & Greets are finished and approved, it becomes necessary. The dog in question is currently Homeward Huskies's by virtue of legal ownership. You won't be given access to chip information or authorization to upload your data to the microchips. You won't be able to legally claim the dog as your own until the trial is over and an Adoption Agreement Form has been signed.

Adoption Application

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