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Our Mission

Claws and Paws Rescue is a 501(c)(3) No-kill Foster Based Rescue founded in August of 2015. Inspired by a little kitten named Frog who was born with backwards knees; he was rescued from the county shelter by his foster mom when he was just a few weeks old. Shortly after his rescue he was taken to a local vet who suggested he be euthanized, because his legs could not be fixed. However, lucky for him, his foster mom did not agree and refused to have him euthanized. Telling the vet she just wasn’t ready.  Then she took him for a 2nd opinion to another vet who specialized in orthopedic veterinary cases.  Well, needless to say the 2nd vet said, "Yes, his legs cannot be FIXED". However he saw no reason to euthanize him. As long as Frog is able to get around and he is happy there is no reason to kill him. Thank goodness his foster mom was stubborn and refused to give up on him and has made him a permanent part of her family. He is now a happy and healthy boy, who does not let his legs slow him down one bit.

To Date Claws and Paws has rescued over 1900 animals.

Adoption Policy

Notice: Our adoption site is officially open in a limit compacity. Although we still need to avoid large gatherings of people. We will now have dogs and puppies located in the PetSmart in Oro Valley located at 10625 N. Oracle Road during the hours of 12 to 4 Saturdays and Sundays.
Cats and kittens located in the 7 day adoption center at the same PetSmart. However, some cats and kittens are only in the center during the adoption hours of 12 to 4 Saturday and Sunday. Please refer to each Animal's individual profile to find out location and times available for adoption.

Please note: We do not have nor do we accept online applications. Therefore, an inquiry though Petfinder is not considered an application nor does it place a hold on the Animal. All our adoptions are conducted in Person at the above mentioned PetSmart.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets