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Stay With Me Animal Rescue

Scottsdale, AZ

Our Mission

Our Rescue Mission Is Two-Fold, First In That We Aspire To Relieve Homeless, Helpless Canines Of Their Suffering By Providing Quality Veterinary Care, Nutritious Food, Behavior Support, And A Loving Temporary Home While Awaiting Adoption.

Secondly, We Aim To Advance Community Involvement, Individual Responsibility, And General Education In Regard To Critical Issues Surrounding Dog Rescue (By Promoting Spay/Neuter Amidst The Population Crisis, Offering Resources For Pet Owners During Times Of Despair, Contributing To Rescue Programs Outside Of Our
Own, Etc.) With The Intention Of Not Only Furthering The Innate Bond Between Humans And Dogs, But Also Solidifying The Golden Promise From Owners To Their Canines: To Stay With Them For Life.

Adoption Policy

1) Learn About Our Available Dogs Under The Adorable & Adoptable Tab.

(2) See A Special Four-Legged Someone You Want To Get To Know Better? The Adoption Process Of Stay With Me Animal Rescue Starts With You Submitting Our Adoption Application Below.

(3) Upon Reviewing Your Application, We Will Evaluate
Whether Your Home / Lifestyle Has The Potential To Be
A Proper Fit For The Canine You Are Interested In
Based On That Dog's Individual Needs / Requirements.?

(4) If Your Application Reveals That Your Home / Lifestyle
Has The Potential To Be A Proper Fit For The Canine You Are Interested According To That Dog's Individual Needs / Requirements, Then We Will Move Forward By Setting Up A "Meet & Greet" To Further Evaluate Compatibility.

(5) Once A "Meet & Greet" Is Brought To Fruition, We Like To Give The Potential Adopter 24 Hours To Make A Final Decision Under The Condition That The Introduction Went Well For All Parties Involved.
*Please Note If The "Meet & Greet" Does Not Feel Promising For All Parties Involved, The Adoption Process Stops Here.*

(6) If The Potential Adopter Ultimately Decides They Are Ready To Commit, Then We Will Move Forward With A "Home Check".

(7) A Quality "Home Check" Will End With Completion Of Our Adoption Agreement And Payment Of The Adoption Fee.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets