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Lucky Dog Rescue

4400 N. Scottsdale Rd Ste 9-319
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Our Mission

The mission of Lucky Dog Rescue is to:
• rescue dogs off of the euthanasia list of high kill shelters in the Phoenix AZ metro area, get them spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, and adopt them out to new loving forever homes.
• rehabilitate and train dogs that needs special attention
• educated the public about the responsibilities of being a pet owner, including the importance of spaying and neutering, vaccinations, licensing, nutrition and proper hygiene
• maintain a high quality of service to everyone that comes in contact Lucky Dog Rescue
• maintain our 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation status. Tax ID: 20-1630535

Adoption Policy

How does the adoption process work?

The adoption process begins by completing our online application, found at the bottom of the Biography section on each dogs profile page. On the application, you can specifiy which dog(s) you are interested in adopting. Once the application is approved, you will be contacted by one of our volunteers and/or fosters. The foster or volunteer will share their experiences, and help you get to know the dog. We will arrange a Meet & Greet, where all members of the family will meet the dog. A home visit may also be done prior to acquiring the dog. After the Application, Home Visit and Meet & Greet are completed, it all parties are still in agreement, we will proceed with the adoption. Our minimum age for adoption is 25 year of age.

How long does it take?

It generally should take no more than one week to complete the process. Most times it can be completed in a matter of days. You may hear from us sooner if we have any questions regarding your application.

How much is the adoption fee and what is included?

The adoption fees vary by age and health status. These fees are the major source of funding for the rescue. It is used to pay for veterinary care and shelter fees, allowing us to continue to rescue more dogs. Your adopted dog will be neutered or spayed, current on vaccines, microchipped, and checked by a veterinarian for an overall health/wellness examination. Our adoption fees are based on the individual dog. Our minimum adoption fee is $250 for adult dogs, Puppies are $350. We run extensive blood work on all our dogs, some dogs will have even had costly dentals,all dogs are check by our vet. Adoption fees are clearly listed with each dog's bio. All our Huskies are $400.

Must my yard be fenced?

Having a fenced yard is always preferable and sometimes required depending on the dog.

Why should I adopt a rescue dog?

Help save a precious life! Many dogs end up on death row in kill-shelters through no fault of their own. Most are strays but many are irresponsibly abandoned by their families for many reasons which indicate they never should have owned a dog in the first place (job relocation, new spouse doesn't like it, no time...etc.). Some are even confiscated from their owners due to cruelty or neglect.

Rescued dogs are evaluated for health and temperament and matched to the right home. We want to make sure you get a dog that is best for your family. We will counsel you should there be any adjustment issues and support you to correct any potentially unacceptable behaviors for the entire lifetime of your new pet. Where else can you get that kind of continued support? We care about the dogs and your experience with them.

Is obedience training necessary? What about crating?

No dogs are "instant pets" as they all require some work. Obedience training is a wonderful way to help a new dog adjust and will reinforce already learned commands or provide learning for the first time. It will help the dog accept that you are in charge and ease the building of a bond with you. Dogs do best when provided with positive reinforcement and gentle methods of training. We highly recommend that you carefully choose a trainer.

Crating should be viewed from a dog's perspective. Humans tend to see it a "puppy jail" and a cruel means of restraint. The fact is that dogs have a natural need for their own safe space and crates provide a means to satisfy their den instincts. Many crate-trained dogs like to lay in an open crate when they want to be left alone. Crating a dog facilitates housebreaking and prevents destructive behaviors when left alone. We highly encourage crating and obedience training.

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