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Our Mission

We are looking for more fosters to open their homes and hearts! :)

The Pet Knot was forged to combine efforts of like-minded rescues and volunteers humbly striving to make a dent in the urgent pet over-population crisis. Our talents and strategies promote animal adoptions through online, in-store, and boutique-like options for adopters. All animals receive the highest level of medical care and grooming. Animals also receive appropriate adjustment time and basic social skills in foster homes in preparation for a new home environment. We help all animals including seniors, special needs, and those seemingly unadoptable cases and work diligently to place each in the most appropriate permanent home possible no matter how long it takes. We call ourselves The Pet Knot because not only do we connect people with pets, we keep people with pets.

Adoption Policy

Our dogs are quarantined for atleast two weeks to ensure health prior to being adopted.  We do offer foster to adopt options for specific dogs.

Come to our weekend adoption events (check our FB for dates/times!) or make an appt during the week with the foster parent by emailing or messaging us :)

Please message or email for an application.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets