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Our Mission

Giving unwanted dogs a chance at a forever life by filling hearts through rescue, adoption & community education.

Adoption Policy

You'll start by filling out the adoption application below. Once you've completed the adoption application a Barking Lot Attendant will be in touch to go over the next steps.

Every dog and puppy that comes through The Barking Lot Dog Rescue will be "vetted" before they leave to their forever home. Being "vetted" not only means a veterinarian has seen them to ensure they're healthy; it also means they have been spayed/neutered, received at least one injection of DAPP (puppies under 6 months require 3 dosages - remaining vaccines will be scheduled at time of adoption if not already given), bordetella and rabies vaccine (required by law) and microchip. They have also been socialized in a home setting with people and other animals (varies per dog, please see their kennel card for more information).

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets