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Our Mission

Kind to Nature (KTN) is an Arizona non-profit corporation formed in 1998, dedicated to helping, protecting and improving the quality of life of all animals in our urban neighborhoods, be they pets, strays, birds or other wildlife, with special emphasis on increasing awareness and compassion for feral cats. We work closely with the general public and rescue community towards saving and helping at-risk animals by networking, transportation, spay/neuter assistance, placing cats and kittens with rescues that do adoptions, and lost and found pets. We utilize fosters for socializing feral kittens and fearful cats so they might find homes. We maintain a permanent sanctuary for unadoptable animals—the ones no one wants to adopt or rescue, mostly cats that are feral, unsocialized, seniors, have health conditions and other behavior issues), brought in on case-by-case basis. We can always use help sustaining the sanctuary to give proper care and treatment for the animals that spend their lives with us.

Adoption Policy

We require an Adoption Application be completed prior to a meet and greet. Sometimes a home visit is required, but not always. If adoption is desired, an Adoption Agreement is also executed prior to releasing the adopted animal.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets