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Mary's Magic Betta Rescue

Mesa, AZ

Our Mission

Rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming 1 betta fish at a time.

Adoption Policy

Adopters must prove that they have a working understanding of what the ammonia cycle is and how to maintain a properly cycled tank, including an appropriate schedule for water changing and water testing. They most provide proof of a minimum 5 gallon tank with 0 ammonia and nitrites, a heater set to 78-82 degrees, a thermometer to monitor temperature, a filter or air stone of some kind, and either silk or silicon plants, or live plants, in addition to rests near the water surface and hides at the bottom. There will be no sharp edges in the tank to tear the bettas fins, the filter will have an appropriate level of water movement so as not to stress the betta, and the betta will be housed with appropriate tank mates - both quantity and species. Adopters must prove that they can provide a high quality and varied diet appropriate to betta fish.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets