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Our Mission

AZ Center for Animal Rescue and Education (AZ CARE) is a non-profit all breed dog and cat rescue in Arizona. We are dedicated to reducing the euthanasia rate in our state through education, spay/neuter programs and adoption events. Our network of foster homes provide a safe haven for dogs/cats while they wait for their forever homes. Our education programs will include youth programs to get the next generation involved in the pet overpopulation epidemic and strive to find a way to end the suffering in our shelters, state and nation wide.

Adoption Policy

1) Schedule a Meet and Greet to view the cat or dog you are interested in (meet and greets are on a first come first serve basis).

2) Do the meet and greet. (For dogs, if you have other animals the initial meeting is done on a neutral ground like a park/PetSmart away from the home.)

3) Fill out the adoption contract

4) Pay the adoption fee:
~Donations for Dogs: $200 over 12 months & Puppies: $350
~Donations for Cats: $150 over 12 months; Kittens under 12 months: $175

We take cash, checks, Venmo, PayPal and credit cards for adoption fees. Credit Cards, PayPal, and Venmo will be subjected to a $5 processing fee in addition to the adoption fee (April 12, 2016)

5) After a few weeks AZ CARE will send the microchip transfer from Found Animals to the adopter’s email address on file.

6) Adoption is finalized!

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets