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Our Mission

High Country Humane was created to provide high-caliber animal shelter services and help elevate animal welfare throughout northern Arizona.

Together with our community partners and YOU, we will provide the highest level of care possible for the companion animals in our region and ensure that no animal is euthanized for time, space, resources or treatable condition. More than that, we will continually work to provide the most desirable outcomes for our beloved animals with programs and services that assist both pets and the families who love them.

Adoption Policy

We invite you to visit High Country Humane and browse our shelter to find your perfect match. You can also view adoptable animals right here or on our website. Feel free to spend as much time as you need, and make note of the dogs or cats that might be the right match.

Once you have narrowed down your search, we invite you to spend time with your potential new best friend. Our dedicated and trained team is here to assist and answer any questions you may have. On occasion, we may have pets that require an additional “meet and greet” if there are other animals in the home. We want to ensure that you and your pets have the best possible experience

Once you have found the perfect match, we will complete the adoption. We ask that you sign an adoption agreement, and pay the adoption fee. The fee helps to cover the costs of the surgery, vaccines, and daily care that your new pet received. This is your opportunity to ask questions and we will be happy to provide resources so you and new pet get off on the right paw.

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Recommended Pets