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Our Mission

Mission Statement

1- To save the lives of Southern and Central Arizona dogs on euthanasia lists (“e-lists.“) at high kill rural pounds and shelters, in particular senior, “special needs” and chronically ill animals.
2- To find safe, stable, loving homes for the adoptable dogs in CCR’s program.
3- Provide life-care (sanctuary and hospice) for dogs who are unadoptable due to physical, emotional or medical conditions.
4- When overwhelming need to save a life is presented, CCR will take in other species of animals, in particular cats facing euthanasia, BLM and rescue equines and farmed animals facing slaughter, as funding and manpower permit.
Founded informally in 2010, Jeff Robbins and co-founder Sybil Erden began pulling euthanasia list dogs from high-kill rural municipal “shelters.” In 2013 Cochise Canine Rescue (“CCR”) incorporated as a not-for-profit in the state of Arizona and filed with IRS as a 501 c3, which was awarded in 2014.
As a member of the American Sanctuary Association as well as the prestigious Phoenix Animal Care Coalition (PACC911) CCR works with numerous rescue organizations throughout the state to help find foster homes and placement options for euthanasia list animals, particularly dogs.
CCR currently has two foster homes. Currently (spring 2018) CCR has over a half dozen adoptable dogs listed on various internet venues, but CCR also is permanent home, on their 5-acre rural property, to 34 “special needs,” chronically ill or handicapped animals, including a number of elderly dogs. CCR also is home to 9 senior cats, as well as a smaller number of formerly “farmed” animals and equine who had been facing slaughter.
Ms. Erden has had extensive experience in the animal welfare world, working in wildlife rehabilitation during the early 1990’s and later founding The Oasis Sanctuary in 1997. She sits on the Board of Directors of the American Sanctuary Association.
Ms. Erden has been fundraising and writing grants for 20 years. Much of Cochise Canine’s funding comes from corporate and private foundations, as grants or in-kind donations. CCR a small but strong and growing individual donor base.

Adoption Policy

Application process includes references, vet name and contact information.
If you rent a letter from your landlord is a must!
We have a home-check before the animal is relinquished to the new owner.
Adoption fees varie wioth the animal but generally are between $125-$200

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets