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Phoenix Farms Animal Sanctuary

White Hall, AR

Our Mission

We rescue unwanted dogs, rehabilitate and train them to be great pets or PTSD service dogs for 1st responders on the West Coast.
Our long term goal is to license our Arkansas facility as a training site for this discipline that is a regular pathway for our dogs to the west coast and to help the people who need them.
We create and execute social programs in Arkansas to promote dogs in society while smashing stigmas associated with marginalized groups. We promote diversity and inclusion while utilizing dogs to bring joy and showcase various abilities.

Adoption Policy

Our PTSD clients will be in training with us for a year with regular contact and homework. We have contracts for those adoptions, and do not transfer ownership until the year is complete.
For a regular adoption, and application is required. We make every effort to to make sure the dogs will not end up in an abusive situation. We make sure the home appears to be stable and charge an adoption fee.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets