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Greener Days Ahead Rescue

1166 Hwy 36
mount vernon, AR 72111

Our Mission

GDAR is a home based rescue, our dogs learn house rules and are kenneled trained. They have free time to play with other housemates outside, but at night everyone is safely tucked in. We are not like a city shelter, once accepted into our rescue the animals are here until adoption or they retire with us. We keep our numbers low so that we may give each and every dog personal attention and training as needed to make them a happy well-adjusted dog upon arrival in your home. Not to say some won’t come with quirks, but we have spent ample time with them to know what they are. We are more than happy to work with you after the adoption if needed. We have both a dog trainer and vet tech in training on our volunteer staff, many years of experience handling rescues and other resources available. 

Adoption Policy

While we welcome anyone to visit, we do request filling out an application to set up an appointment to assure we are available for the best customer service experience and potentially complete your adoption in one visit.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets