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Searcy County Humane Society

6253 Hwy 65 S
Marshall, AR 72650

Our Mission

To provide the best home possible for the dogs of Searcy County. To also help control the stray population that we have now by spay and neutering as many as we can. We will be holding spay and neuter clinics and vaccination clinics. We are in the process of doing that right now to help the low income people and the ones who don't want to drive an hour to get this done.

Adoption Policy

The requirements are the have a place for dog to play, preferably a fenced yard, shelter for the weather or make an indoor dog. We also do a background check by finding people that may Know them and doing some checking, if they had dogs before or if they do currently. Then if they have dogs or other animals how will they get along with other animals.

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