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Hopeful Tails Rescue, Inc.

Little Rock, AR

Our Mission

Providing a safe haven for animals in need, our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome or provide sanctuary for pets, promoting responsible ownership and advocating for their well-being. Together, we create a world where all animals are loved and cared for.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Process

Potential adopters must first fill out an application to adopt the animal. We will then reach out to the potential adopter to discuss their application and the animal they are interested in. If the applicant is approved, we will schedule a meet and greet with the animal. All adopters must fill out a contract agreeing to the adoption and pay a $100 adoption fee for cats or $150 adoption fee for dogs.

Adopting from Hopeful Tails Rescue: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Pet

1. Complete an Adoption Application
At Hopeful Tails Rescue, we take the responsibility of finding the right homes for our animals very seriously. Our adoption application is designed to provide us with vital information about you as a pet owner, ensuring the best possible match between you and your new furry friend.
When choosing a pet, please consider the long-term commitment involved. Pets require a loving, secure home with proper food, water, shelter, exercise, and medical care. They also need companionship and supervision. Reflect on the costs and the time you can dedicate to your new companion. Our foster parents know each pet well and help us match them to the right homes based on their individual needs.
If you cannot provide a lifetime home for a pet, please reconsider adopting.

2. Participate in an Interview
Once we receive your application, our team of volunteers will review it promptly. While we aim to contact you within 48 hours, please be patient as we manage this process alongside our full-time jobs. If you haven't heard from us within two days (excluding weekends and holidays), feel free to reach out at

3. Sign an Adoption Contract
We require a signed adoption contract to formalize the adoption process. Hopeful Tails Rescue is committed to the lifelong care of the pets we rescue, and we expect the same dedication from our adoptive families. Pets may need time to adjust to their new homes, so please allow at least 30 days for them to settle in.

4. Pay an Adoption Donation Fee
To help cover the costs of rescuing and caring for our animals, we request an adoption donation of:
* $150.00 for dogs
* $100.00 for cats

This fee is significantly lower than our actual costs but is necessary to continue our rescue efforts. The fee includes:
* Some or all vaccinations
* Heartworm test (if age appropriate)
* Microchip and microchip placement
* Spay or neuter surgery
We ensure that all pets are in optimal health before adoption.

Contact Us for Support
If you need assistance selecting the right pet or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for considering a rescued pet—they truly make the best companions! Reach out to us at!

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