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Arkansas Pet Rabbit Network

Little Rock, AR

Our Mission

We are a foster-based organization relying totally on volunteers. We believe that every rabbit deserves a loving, inside home to live out it's long (about 12 years) and happy life.

Please be patient when waiting for an email reply. I am one person reading dozens of emails a day, attempting to work and also parent my young kids. IF YOU ARE NOT PATIENT DO NOT BOTHER EMAILING. I am not a robot. If you aren't patient, rabbits are not right for you.

If you are a child, please have an adult contact us, you must be 18 to adopt.

Adoption Policy

To adopt, you must submit an application and also email us pictures of your setup for approval. there is a $50 adoption fee for each rabbits. We do not EVER adopt to outside homes, so please do not apply. We expect that you have done some research on keeping a house rabbit and proper setup - a petstore cage is not enough to enable a rabbit to live a long and healthy life. Please research house rabbit care before you apply.

If you are a renter, please check with your landlord to make sure that rabbits (not just pets) are allowed in your unit.

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