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ArkanPaws Animal Rescue

Plumerville, AR

Our Mission

Fostering and finding good permanent homes for wonderful animals is fantastic, but what we hope to achieve is much more multi-faceted. We aim to be a source of education, a source of compassion and encouragement, a source for networking, and a source of inspiration for animal lovers everywhere. We strive to be an agent of change: (1) change in the way animals are viewed as disposable (2) change in the way rescue often seems to reflect a competitive spirit rather than a collaborative one (3) and, change in the way the issue of pet overpopulation is addressed. We will also continue to assist in finding low cost or FREE spay/neuter programs in the state and other areas, as well as lists of rescues to reach out to for help. Knowledge is power, and the power to evoke a positive change in the community is a beautiful thing indeed! “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”


Adoption Policy

There are steps. 1. The person must apply for the pet. We require the applicant give three personal references, a vet reference (if they have owned, or own a pet), a land lord approval if they rent. They are required to answer several questions regarding their living/work situation.
Please check our website at for complete information about our adoption process.

We're a foster based organization based in Conway, Arkansas. If you're in the immediate area, you are welcome to schedule a Meet N Greet with any of our dogs - please call or email us at least a day in advance. If you are out of area, please feel free to request a video and additional photos, as well as an extensive conversation with the foster parent who is sheltering your potential new fur friend.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets