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Our Mission

Our mission is to include our clients in our passion to help provide the best care that their pets deserve.

Adoption Policy

If someone is interested in adopting we will do a supervised meet-and-greet with them so that we can ensure that both the pet and the potential adopter are a good match for one another. If the adopter remains interested we would request them to fill out an application(applications can also be emailed to us directly from our website via Petfinder, and a meeting can be arranged after if this is more convenient for potential adopters). When applications are received we review them, and follow up with the potential adopters with any questions or applicable concerns we or they may have. If multiple pets in home we encourage potential adopters to meet-and-greet with their current pets and our adoptable one/s to ensure that all pets are comfortable and get along (although cats in the potential adopter's household may be excluded from this due to feline behaviors. If we receive multiple applications we will choose the one that will be the best potential home for the adoptable pet. After everything is complete we will contact the potential adopter to ensure they are still interested, and again ensure there are no further questions or concerns regarding the adoption. We will collect the appropriate adoption fee for the pet, and help the new pet parent load the pet up into a safe transportation vehicle. We ask that if things do not work out in the new home that the adopter contact us as soon as possible for assistance.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets