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Tails Of The Forgotten Paws Inc.

Batesville, AR

Our Mission

Tails is a sanctuary/shelter. Originally built as a sanctuary for troubled dogs who would otherwise be euthanized, labeled *Non Adoptable* as well as a sanctuary for senior and hospice dogs. We provide them a comfortable loving existence where the seniors and hospice kiddos can live out their last days being loved and well cared for with all the comforts of home. The non adoptable part of the sanctuary is for dogs that may have special needs or issues that prevents them from being adopted. We make certain they are happy, loved and they live out their life just getting to be dogs.. :) We are a 100 percent NO KILL and this is literal. We do not EVER kill for space or ANY reason other than when we have exhausted all medical care possible with our vet and he tells us there is nothing more we can do and compassion care is no longer working. We then will help them cross over peacefully to prevent suffering. Tails also takes in and adopts out around 30 dogs/puppies per month. We are also licensed in Illinois as foster based and we adopt the majority of our dogs and puppies out in that area. We are just a jack of all trades in the animal welfare world. ? .. We have small programs where we also help poverty stricken families feed their dogs and help with emergency medical vetting as well as help low income families in our immediate community spay their dogs. Our goal is to create a better future, educate/lead by example creating a better world for our four legged friends.. Our dream is for there to not even be a need for us at all, where all humans begin to be responsible treat them the way they deserve/should be treated. To see them as valuable, just the way we see them and the way God sees them and will begin to respect their lives, be responsible and truly love and protect them..

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process is fairly simple. We have an adoption application that must be submitted. We do run legal background checks. Once this is submitted we then process the apps and if approved then reach out to the applicant with their approval email. At that time we discuss any questions they may have and counsel for those who may have never owned a dog before. When ready, after having an approved application, they can make an appointment to come meet the dog of interest or if still at the facility they can reserve said dog for one of our biweekly transports to Illinois. We do two per month. If deciding to adopt they then have to sign our adoption contracts and all other forms, pay the adoption fee then they can take their new family member home.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets