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The Country Cattery

Randolph, AL

Our Mission

The Country Cattery’s mission is to pull cats and kittens from high kill shelters as well as abandoned and neglectful situations. We provide them with love, veterinarian care and spay/neuter. We place them with loving homes through our adoption program. We also work closely with other rescue organizations to ensure that we help as many cats and kittens as possible.

Adoption Policy

The Adopter acknowledges and agrees that the cat/kitten is to be INDOORS ONLY. The cat/kitten is NOT to be declawed. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.
The Adopter agrees that they will take proper care of the cat. This includes proper feeding and nutrition, clean bedding, clean litter box and vetting the cat as needed.
The Adopter acknowledges and agrees that they will have their kitten spayed/neutered at the appropriate age if they are not of age when adopted.
The Country Cattery has a commitment to all its animal to care for them for the lifetime of each animal. The Adopter agrees that if he or she is unwilling or unable to care for the cat for its entire lifetime, he or she will contact The Country Cattery and return the cat to a location specified by The Country Cattery.
The Adopter understands that he or she is responsible for the care of the animal until he or she has delivered it into the proper The Country Cattery hands, and will do everything within his or her power to safely return the animal.
The Adopter agrees that in the event that he or she finds a suitable alternative home for the animal, he or she will contact The Country Cattery with the name, address and phone number of the proposed new adopter. Any proposed new adopter will be required to complete a The Country Cattery adoption application and meet other requirements for adoption and obtain approval from The Country Cattery in writing before adopting the cat. Under no circumstances shall the adopter transfer permanent custody, ownership or possession of the cat to any one entity, including family, friends or agency without the approval and written consent of The Country Cattery.
The adopter understands that if they return the cat/kitten to us they will no longer be eligible to adopt from us in the future.
The Adopter acknowledges that failure to follow the guidelines set out by The Country Cattery could result in seizure of the animal.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets