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Our Mission

Pita & Pecan’s Animal Refuge is a veteran owned and operated 501(C)3 nonprofit animal rescue and sanctuary for lost and abandoned animals in and around Blount County, Alabama. We are owned and operated by a disabled veteran and veterinary technician – just two gals doing what we love while helping the animals we hold so dear. We are able to house dogs, cats, birds, and small farm animals on a space available basis. Each animal is evaluated and treated (if necessary) and leaves us fully vetted and ready for their forever home! We adamantly believe every animal should know the same unconditional love that they've shown us and we will strive to ensure that our animals know that feeling for the rest of their lives!

Adoption Policy

There are four steps in our adoption process:
1) Submit Application - After initial inquiry and contact is made, an application will be emailed to you from a member of our staff.
2) Interview - Method of communication for interview is dictated by potential family location. A home check may be requested if you are local.
3) Application Processing - All information gathered is taken into consideration for the adoption of one of our furbabies. If, after consideration, you are approved; the delivery of your new four legged family member will be arranged and transportation scheduled if necessary.
4) Take the Furbaby Home! - This is the day you take your baby home!
(Adoption fee due is at this time {transport fees require a deposit prior to deliver}.)

All applications are considered on a first come, first approved basis. If a pending application has not been approved, it will be processed completely before another possible home is considered. Also, we require veterinarian info and you will be asked to provide a release for us to speak with your local veterinarian to verify that your other pets (if applicable) are up to date on vaccinations and in generally good health.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets