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Adoption Policy

Dog Love Foundation is working with our attorneys to create a contract to fit our needs following the SPCA protocols.


This animal has been given to you in the firm and confident belief that it will receive a good home with responsible and loving care.

Ownership of an animal yields much pleasure and satisfaction. It also has its obligations and responsibilities. The fact that the animal has been in our care usually indicates that someone has, in the past, failed to recognise these responsibilities.

I do hereby confirm to the following terms & conditions and undertake that:

I am over eighteen (18) years of age.
I will not part with possession of the animal except to return it to the SPCA if for any reason I am unable to keep it. In the event that I fail to do so, I agree that I will be liable to pay to the SPCA all costs which they may incur in obtaining confirmation that the animal has been homed to a suitable person, with suitable premises. In the event that this is not the case, I also agree that I will be liable for all costs which the SPCA may incur, including all legal costs on an attorney and client scale, in recovering possession of the animal.
I will give the animal a fair chance to adjust to its new home.
I understand that donations are not refundable or transferable.
I will feed and house the animal to the SPCA's satisfaction.
I will not chain or cage the animal, and understand that if it is found chained or caged, it will be removed from my care immediately.
I can afford the services of a private veterinary practitioner.
I will ensure that vaccinations are kept up to date and in the case of injury or illness professional veterinary treatment will be provided.
I understand that in the case of illness (not injury) occurring within the first seven (7) days of adoption, I may bring the animal to the SPCA to be attended to by its veterinarian (at the discretion of othe SPCA) at no charge - to myself.
I will ensure that the animal is sterilised as stipulated by the SPCA.
I will identify my dog with a collar and identification tag – only elasticised collars may be used for cats.
My property is adequately enclosed and at no time shall I knowingly allow my dog to roam the streets.
I will notify the SPCA within forty-eight (48) hours should the animal die or go missing.
I know and understand the "By-Laws Pertaining to Dogs" of the Municipality in which I reside.
I will permit an authorised officer of the SPCA to visit my premises from time to time, to be assured that the animal is being treated in accordance with this Policy, and I will allow the SPCA to repossess the animal, if in the SPCA's opinion, the terms of this policy are not being reasonably adhered to.
I will not use or allow the animal to be used as a watchdog on any industrial or commercial premises.
I will notify the SPCA of any change of address in writing by registered post within seven (7) days.

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