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Our Mission

Sweet Home Doberman (SHDR) was founded in 2015 by our president Nikki Lilly and her husband Tom.

We are a registered 501(c3) charity organization, and we currently serve as the only Doberman rescue based out of Alabama. We operate entirely through volunteers who graciously donate their time, resources, and even their homes to our cause.

Our mission is to save Dobermans from neglect, abuse, abandonment, or homelessness so that they can have a second chance at an amazing life. We also strive to raise awareness about this highly misunderstood breed and to educate the public about what great dogs they can be.

Adoption Policy

All foster and adoptive homes require calls to personal references, a vet check, and a home visit to insure our dogs are afforded a chance at a healthy, loving rest of their life after an uneasy beginning.

Our rescue operates by a BEST MATCH policy. This means we evaluate each applicant's home situation and lifestyle on an individual basis and match the dog we feel would thrive under those circumstances. This may or may not be the dog you are interested in initially, but this gives both you and your new family member the best chances at success.

Please keep in mind that Dobermans are sometimes found on banned or restricted breeds lists. Owning one of these dogs may disqualify you from certain insurance, leases, and other policies. Interested adopters are encouraged to research their existing policies and contracts before applying.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets