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Our Mission

Busy couple of weekends :) 

Thank you Tagan for adopting PJ as your forever cuddle buddy!

Thanks to Regina and Curtis for giving tucker aka "toot toot" an awesome home!

Yay! Wilbur aka "piggy" found a home...thanks Melissa for the pics and video ...we love updates:)

Milly and Lola are on home visit sleep overs :) 

Sadie is getting spayed this week.

Shadow is now Georgia and in her forever home

We are a collaboration of independent rescuers who are devoted to finding homeless and unwanted pets forever homes. All "rangers" are responsible for their own fosters so please contact the person listed with the animal you are interested in.

Adoption Policy

We are committed to finding the best home for our rescues. Most of them have already been through a lot and we want to place them in their forever homes, because of this we have the following adoption process:

* contact us or the foster directly - we will answer your questions about the baby or get you in touch with the person who can. We will also ask you questions from our adoption contract to better gain a feel of your wants/ needs so that we can match the dog and the home. 

* set up a home visit- this is where we will bring the dog/cat to your house to do a meet and greet. All  family members should be present as well as other pets. The purpose of this visit is to see how everyone interacts with the do/catg and how pets will get along. 


Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets