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4Legs4Justice Animal Advocate and Rescue

P.O. BOX 848
Anniston, AL 36202

Adoption Policy

Hi!! Thank you so much for choosing to adopt! You will be saving a life that would otherwise be euthanized in the shelter. We are grateful for you! And the puppy you adopt will be forever grateful to you too!

All donations and adoption donation fees go towards our rescue efforts and to fully vet each dog.

The $250 adoption donation fee includes, but not limited to:

1- The Spay or Neuter of the dog: depending on dogs age,(if over 6 months of age) the dog will be spayed/neutered  or (if the dog is under 6 months of age) a pre-paid certificate will be given to you which is redeemable at the Alabama Spay/Neuter clinic in Irondale,AL. For out of town adopters, we work with the adopter to get another spay/neuter certificate from a clinic near the adopter.)

2- Shots/Vaccinations to date of adoption

3- Rabies (if 6months of age)

4- Microchip

5- Deworming (multiple)

6- Vet visits office charge

7- Vet visits exam (physical

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets