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Alaska Humane Society (Adopt-a-Cat)

1224 East 76th Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99524

Our Mission

To rescue, rehabilitate and re-home cat in Alaska.

Adoption Policy

Our goal is to help match you with a cat who you have made the purrfect connection with. We want your cat to be a loving addition to your home for the rest of their wonderful lives. Our procedures for adoption involve having you meet the cat first in person before making any decisions. We want to ensure that you are an ideal match. Seeing photos and videos are great first steps, however meeting the cat in person and seeing if you connect is critically important. You may even want to visit the cat a few times, to ensure you have made that connection.

Once you’ve made that purrfect connection here some factors to consider:

Do you rent? If you do, do you have Landlord approval and documentation to show that?

Is your home ready for a new arrival? Do you need support with getting that together?

Does everyone in the home agree to the adoption and have met the cat?

Do you have a carrier to transport your cat?

If you are purrepared then you have two options:
1. Adopt the cat that day.
2. Reserve the cat and put down a deposit ($25 minimum towards the $130 adoption fee) and set up a time with a volunteer to schedule pickup.

Our adoption agreement prohibits declawing an adopted cat, and stipulates that the cat will be returned to us if the adoption does not work out, or if the adoptive family is no longer able to keep the cat or provide him/her with the necessary healthcare.

For the first 30 days, cats who do not work out in their new homes may be returned for a refund or exchanged for another, more suitable, cat.

Our cats eat IAMS Proactive Health Chicken Flavor kibble and we send home a small bag with their adoption. They also eat Friskies canned food daily with lysine supplement.

You will also receive an adoption folder with many supports to help make the transition process smooth and successful for you and your cat!

Here is a list of suggested supplies to get your home ready.
•Food/Water dishes • Uncovered Litter Box/Litter
• Scratching Posts/Cat Trees
• Feliway (cat pheromone that assists with stress and behaviors)
• Cat Beds/Hidey Spot/Cube/Kennel
• Cat Trees/Perches
• Music (Through a Cat’s Ear is highly recommended,
• Enrichment Toys (you’ll receive an enrichment brochure with some suggestions)
• Cat DVDs
• Collar/harness/ID tag
• Carrier

  • day hours
    Monday 7-9 pm
    Tuesday 7-9 pm
    Wednesday 7-8:30 pm
    Thursday 7-9 pm
    Friday 7-9 pm
    Saturday Appointment Only
    Sunday Appointment Only
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