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Help Tulum Dogs Foundation is a registered 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to sterilizing/vaccinating dogs via free campaigns in Tulum and other parts of the Yucatan peninsula. We provide outreach to small, Mayan communities where the need is greatest, and rescue/rehab/rehome those with no hope. WE ARE NOT A SHELTER.

We are a small grass-roots group and we operate solely on donations and volunteer actions. We are not a shelter, in fact, Tulum has no shelters at this time to help homeless animals.

Tulum has a huge dog overpopulation, which is even more problematic due to the lack of education and financial means of the Mayan community that dominates the area. Our main goal is to sterilize the majority of dogs in Tulum, however this is a long-term process and we struggle with little resources available to do so. Therefore, our day-to-day focus is to identify and help dogs who live in conditions that range from abusive to negligent, as well as the countless street dogs trying to survive. Please consider making a donation or even better, fostering or adopting one of our dogs who have made the first step from despair to living a life full of love and care.

Adoption Policy

Application filled out.
Vet and personal references checked.
House visit.
Meet and greet.

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