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Our Mission

Our Rescue Shelter is one of a kind in the Banderas Bay area, Mexico.

Our goal is to build a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness. We dedicate ourselves to rescuing animals that are ill, homeless, abandoned and we receive animal abuse cases brought to us by the authorities. within the area. Utmost care is given while providing food, shelter, and vet care to those in need, We strive to adopt healthy animals back into loving, proper homes.

We highly promote spay and neutering to end the suffering of overpopulation and unwanted animals. Also, education and assistance to the community for the health and welfare of their animals is provided.

Adoption Policy

The adoption process includes submitting an online application through our website. Leaders at the shelter review the qualifications within the applications and information provided. We do home checks and video chats with prospective applicants to find the right fit for our dogs.

The adoption fee helps us cover costs for flight transport, care and medical attention of your new adopted dog. All adoption fees are non-refundable. Your adopted dog will have vaccinations including rabies, be sterilized and treated for ticks, fleas, and deworming, as well as any other medical need the dog may have had when rescued.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets