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Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue and care for the stray dogs in Loreto until they can be adopted by loving homes.

Our goal is to support the existing animal welfare groups and individual rescuers in the municipality of Loreto/Nopolo BCS by implementing programs to rescue, rehabilitate, sterilize and re home stray, abused or neglected dogs.

Adoption Policy

In the past our dogs have gone to rescues in the US so we haven't had an adoption form. We are now trying to adopt out directly so we are composing a form.
We require a fenced yard, 3 references, a personal interview if possible or a zoom interview if not. If it is local we will do a trial adoption. We will follow up with adopters for the first 6 months.
We have escorts that fly with our dogs to the US. Our dogs have been going predominantly to Seattle and Portland.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets