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Gente Por Los Animales

Mexicali, BCN

Our Mission

To be a responsible civil association that contributes to the social wellbeing of Mexicali, by the implementation of programs that promote responsible ownership of their pets among their citizens.

Adoption Policy

We post a picture, with description of the pet and a link to a youtube video to see how it actually looks, where we promote it for adoption and ask for the following information if they are interested: name, telephone, address and email address. They can send an inbox, email or phonecall. Before COVID, we used to get back to them and schedule an appointment to see their homes and where the pet would live, we also ask information about their pets if they have, we ask to see their updated shots paperwork. If we consider something is missing, like the gate is not safe enought etc, we recommend to fix it, or if their pets dont have their vaccines up to date we ask to have it done, and if they do what we ask we know that they really are interested. For Cats we request that they have to live exclusively inside. For dogs we request a shaded area outside and that they have access to water a all times, and we ask to see the specific area where it would live and to have a bed etc. After covid, we suspended home visits, but now we do videocalls. After approval, we pick up the pet from their foster home, and give it to ther adoptants on a 2 week trial, in case anything happens, like not getting along with other pets, etc., and after those 2 weeks, we formalize the adoption and we take a picture with the pet and the new owners holding the adoption certificate.

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