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Meadow Lake & District Humane Society

14 Commercial Crescent
Box 944
Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7

Our Mission

MLDHS is a 100% volunteer operated animal rescue organization operating out of Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan. We have no staff nor public hours so appointments are required for visits.

The Meadow Lake & District Humane Society was formed in the summer of 2003 and we started from nothing. MLDHS is an animal welfare organization dedicated to rescuing homeless, unwanted, and abandoned pets. Our other main objective is to spread the spay/neuter message in an effort to prevent overpopulation.
All of our income is derived from fundraising, donations, adoption fees, and income from doing pound maintenance for the Town of Meadow Lake. We look after all impounded dogs from the town of Meadow Lake.

We have adopted dogs and cats all over Canada and even into the United States (adopters responsible for transport), which proves that when someone finds the right pet, there is no distance too great!

NOTE: Space is usually limited as we are a small shelter that takes in animals from a huge area; please DO NOT arrive at the shelter with an animal without a prior agreement to intake to ensure we have a cage available.

Adoption Policy

MLDHS Adoption Guidelines


You must be at least 21 years old.

PLEASE NOTE: We have, on occasion, had technical issues and have not always received adoption applications. If you fill out an application please follow up with an email to to let us know you sent one in.

You must be able to make a LONG term commitment to an animal - both emotional and financial.

We do not adopt pets as gifts. You may pay for an animal for someone else but they must be involved in the adoption process and make the application themselves.

For dogs: you must have a fenced in yard or dog pen if you live within town/city limits.

All current pets must be spayed or neutered and go for regular vet care.

For families with children under 5: we will not adopt certain breeds or particular dogs to you.

Cats cannot be declawed after adoption. Dogs cannot have ears or tails docked after adoption.

We know the personalities of each of the animals that we have in rescue. We understand what the ideal home and environment is for each of them and will make our decisions based on that information.

Board policy is to not adopt to anyone living in communities where dog culls (shooting) is the method of animal control.

We reserve the right to deny any application without a reason being provided.

IF YOU DO NOT AGREE with any of these terms please do not apply for one of our pets.

Our adoption process can sometimes take up to 7 -10 days. Please be patient as our volunteers have regular jobs and their own commitments.

ADOPTION FEES: For Dogs that are altered, up to date on shots, wormed and started on preventatives- adoption fee is $200.00.
For Pups that are too young to be altered - adoption fee is $200 plus a separate $300 spay/neuter deposit cheque.
For Cats that are altered, up to date on shots, and dewormed the adoption fee is $80.00.
For Kittens that are too young to be altered but are up to date on shots and wormed the adoption fee is $80.00 plus a separate $100 spay/neuter deposit cheque.

All animals for adoption through MLDHS will be spayed or neutered prior to adoption if they are old enough. If the animal is too young for altering at time of adoption, they must be spayed/neutered by an agreed upon date and a post dated spay/neuter deposit cheque left with MLDHS. The cost of this procedure to the society is included in the adoption fee ONLY if done at one of our local MLDHS vets. You may use your own vet but surgery and rabies costs (dogs only) are then adopter's responsibility and will not be reimbursed by MLDHS. Proof of surgery completed by the deposit cheque date is to be provided to MLDHS and at that time deposit cheques will be destroyed. Vaccinations: Animals should have received their first shots while at MLDHS and if adults, Rabies Vaccination given at time of altering. If they have not received their booster before adoption, the adopter is responsible for ensuring that they receive it, at adopter's expense. A rabies immunization (dogs only) if not received by time of adoption (generally if they were too young to receive it while in our care) is also the responsibility of adopter unless a puppy is being altered at our vet, at which time they would receive the rabies at the altering appointment. As well, all dogs and puppies will be given microchips - this cost is also included in our adoption fees. Cats can be supplied with Microchip for insertion an extra fee of $20.00 if requested.

We communicate by email or facebook messenger - we no longer have a phone #.
Our email address is:
Message us on our facebook page:

Our mailing address is: Box 944, Meadow Lake, SK S9X 1Y7.
Street address 14 Commercial Crescent, Meadow Lake, SK (Industrial area)

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets