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New Day Dog Rescue

Trois-Rivieres, QC

Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue vulnerable dogs from the world's toughest streets, where they are particularly at risk.

Adoption Policy

Our adoption process begins with our application form, which we send to potential adopters at their request. We also ask them to send pictures of their home and yard with the completed form, to allow us to confirm that the environment is suitable for a dog.

Once the application form and photos are received and accepted, we begin by checking the applicant's references - our application requires them to provide a minimum of two personal references who are not family members, plus a veterinarian reference). We then schedule a telephone call with one or both of our rescue's co-founders to discuss their application and the dog(s) that interested them. If this call goes well and both the applicant and our founder(s) want to continue, we schedule a meeting for the applicant and the dog they are hoping to adopt. (One of our co-founders will also at this meeting, or one of a few trusted volunteers.)

If everyone agrees to proceed at this point, the dog will go for a trial period at the applicant's home. These trials are a minimum of two weeks, and require the applicant to remain in communication with us, and send pictures and photos to let us know how things are progressing. One week after the dog has arrived, we schedule an update call to check in and discuss how things are going. We do this again at two weeks, at which point, if everyone agrees that it is a good match, we proceed with our adoption contract to officialize the adoption.

In some cases, with dogs who have special needs or with dogs who are fearful, we will choose to extend the adoption trial to allow enough time for adaptation and reflection on whether or not the applicant is able to give the dog everything they need, and whether or not our dog will flourish there.

In cases where the adoption trial is not successful, we relocate the dog to another suitable foster home as soon as possible.

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