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Our Mission

Frontier Animal Society (SAFAS) is a no-kill animal shelter located in the eastern townships of Quebec.  Founded in 1986 by Joyce Dekker, our shelter provides a safe and caring environment for our adoptable dogs and cats while they await their forever homes.  At any one time the shelter is home to 10-12 dogs and 15-20 cats. We are a not-for-profit and rely entirely on donations.

The Frontier Animal Society's mission is to:

- provide shelter and care to strays and to find loving, forever homes for our many
adoptable cats and dogs

- assist local residents find appropriate and compassionate solutions for feral and
stray cats

- ensure the well being of companion animals through education and sensitization
promote sterilization as the best way to prevent overpopulation of cats and dogs

Our shelter is located in Ogden Quebec just a few minutes from the Vermont border. We are about 1.5 hours from Montreal, 45 minutes from Sherbrooke and 2 hours from Burlington.

Adoption Policy

When placing a dog into an adoptive home, our primary goal is to ensure that the adopter is the right match for that particular dog.  It is very traumatic for both the dog and the adopting family, if the dog needs to return to the shelter. We also need to be sure that the adopter is ready for this responsibility and commitment. Depending on the dog's age at the time time of adoption, dogs are a 10-15 year commitment.

We feel it is already pretty positive that you are choosing to adopt rather than buy a dog from a pet store (which is more often than not from puppy mills) or from a breeder !

Our Procedures for Adopting a Dog 

The adoption/inquiry process starts by either sending us an email or by contacting our adoption coordinator directly by phone.

During the initial contact we can answer your questions, and we will have some of our own as well, like, what type of home you can provide and what kind of dog you are looking for... energy level, types of activities you do, length of time dog would be alone during a typical day, other animals in the house, children and age of children, male/female preference, and any other of your important criteria for choosing a specific dog.

Some of our potential adopters are interested in meeting a particular dog while others prefer to come to the shelter to meet a few of our adoptable dogs. Either way, prior to your visit, you'll need to first have a conversation with our adoption coordinator and then make an appointment to visit the dog(s).

We like to talk to each potential adopter, because we know our dogs, and through conversation, we can get a feel as to whether or not the dog you are interested in will be a match. If you aren't sure yourself about which dog is best suited to your lifestyle, we can often help narrow it down.

Following the phone conversation(s), we will arrange a visit to our shelter so you can meet the dog(s).  You will have an opportunity to take the dog(s) for a walk and interact with them in our fenced in dog park. If you already have a dog, we will ask that you bring him or her with you. Our preference is that all family members should attend the adoption visit and if younger children live in the home, they must be present as well.

First Visit Adoptions

We try to discourage first visit adoptions, because adoptions should not be an impulsive or emotional decision.  It must be a well thought out rational decision. You also need to prepare your home for the new pet.

If a first visit adoption is anticipated (for example adopters living a distance away from the shelter), then reference checks must be made beforehand.

Home checks are scheduled on a case by case basis.

Trial Period

We have a 3 week trial period where if it doesn't work out for "reasonable" reasons, the dog comes back to SAFAS, and the adoption fee is refunded.  If the dog is returned after 3 weeks, the adoption fee is not refunded.  As per the adoption contract that will be signed at the time of adoption, if the dog is no longer wanted for any reason, the dog must always be returned to SAFAS.

SAFAS remains registered as the primary contact for all our dogs with their microchip registration. After the 3-week adoption trial is over, the adopter will be put on as 2nd contact on the dog's microchip.  Our shelter dogs remain our responsibility for placement for their lives.  If for whatever reason you cannot keep your adopted dog, then the shelter MUST be contacted and the dog returned.

Image 1 Attending the Strawberry Social Fundraiser Our shelter cats at mealtime. Playtime in our dog park Our 2017 dog walk fundraiser. Mom and kittens

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