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Our Mission

We are dedicated to improving the lives of homeless cats in our community.

Educhat is a Trap-Neuter-Release-Maintain non-profit organization, focused on curtailing the overpopulation of homeless cats. Through outreach, education and long hours of volunteer work trapping and sterilizing feral cat colonies, we help cats live better lives. Because it is important that willing neighborhood people properly maintain feral cats by feeding them, providing cat houses for shelter, and overseeing their general condition, each winter, Educhat produces around 150 shelters that we sell for the cost of the materials. Each shelter is waterproof and has straw inside to keep the cats warm and dry.
Our goal is also to help rescues to re-home any abandoned cats and kittens that volunteers come across during TNRM work and find them loving forever homes through responsible adoption.

Adoption Policy

Our various partners use an adoption process that involves an application form, a telephone or zoom interview, as well as a visit with the cat or kittens up for adoption. Additionally, there may also be a home visit.
A reasonable adoption fee applies to cover the costs of sterilization, microchipping, vaccination as well as deworming and flea treatments. Adoptions fees are set individually and may vary.
Receiving or filling out an application form does not place the receiver or Educhat under any obligation. All the information is completely confidential. When applying, please make sure to answer all the questions, otherwise your request might not be considered.
Policies are based on a search to find the best possible permanent home for the cats in our care and we are looking for serious adopters who understand that adopting a cat is a commitment that should last for the entire lifetime of the animal which could go over 15 years.
Providing sufficient care and ensuring the wellbeing of the animal requires a regular financial commitment that should not be neglected. This budget should take into account expenditures such as quality food, liter and annual veterinary checkups (vaccines and parasite control). There could also be unexpected or emergency care such as treatments of certain ailments, injuries or surgical procedures, the cost of which can quickly rise.

By completing our forms, you certify that you understand that taking in a cat is not a decision to take lightly. The adoption of a cat requires some serious thinking about your capacity, your financial means and a family consensus to properly take care and cater to the health and wellbeing of the animal.

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