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Rosie Animal Adoption

Kirkland, QC

Adoption Policy

What is the application Process?

Adopting a dog or puppy does take time so if you attend an Adoption Clinic, come early so you have time to make an informed decision and fill out the paperwork. Paperwork includes an Adoption Questionnaire, and possibly an Adoption Contract (if you decide to adopt a dog or puppy that day). You need to fill one of the following online form:

Adoption Application Form
Foster Application Form
Volunteer Form

How quickly can I adopt my pet?

Most of Rosie's dogs/puppies are adopted directly from the Foster Home in between Adoption Clinics through an appointment set up between the Adopter and Foster Home to view a particular dog or puppy. Dogs or puppies in some cases go home with their adoptive families the same day.
How much does it cost?

The adoption fee of a dog or puppy from Rosie's is $400.00. Keep in mind that the costs of sharing your home go beyond what you initially pay for the dog/puppy. Be prepared for the costs of food, supplies, vet expenses (annual and emergency), etc. We are a non-profit charitable organization so the adoption fee goes directly for the benefit of the dog or puppy. This fee includes a lot.
How do I know my adopted pet is healthy?

Upon entering Rosie's, all dogs or puppies go through a veterinarian evaluation, which includes a general examination of the dog or puppy to determine/confirm age, whether it's spayed or neutered, weight, temperature, eyes, ears, mouth, and skin. The vet also checks for parasites and vaccinates against rabies, distemper, etc.

Dogs or puppies with known health problems such as roundworm are treated and are often not available for adoption until a particular treatment is concluded. Exceptions to this, such as an eye infection, are disclosed to the adopter and all medicines are sent home with the dog or puppy. All Rosie animals are also spayed or neutered if over 5-6 months of age. If they are not, the adoption fee "includes" having the pet spayed or neutered and a Rosie representative will call you to arrange an appointment for your pet at our veterinarian.
What if I don't see a pet I want to adopt?

Rosie's is constantly getting in new pets for adoption. If you've visited this website a number of times, you would have noticed our Available Pets page is always changing.
Wait, there's more!

Rosie's value lies in the veterinary care provided to each dogs or puppies that comes into Rosie's. Rosie's makes sure that all dog and puppies are healthy, and uses the most accurate testing available, and provides preventative care to healthy dogs or gives dogs who test positive for any disease a second chance by treating them.

Rosie's further sets itself apart by ensuring that all pets are spayed or neutered prior to adoption (see above). In addition, being a foster-home-based organization means adopters can speak directly with Foster Homes about the dog or puppy, its temperament and habits, which helps to ensure a lifetime of happiness for both the dog and you, the owner.
Do's and Dont's?
We do not adopt...

"Outside" dogs
Puppies under six months to those gone all day
To anyone adopting a puppy,(and it is too early to spay or neuter), that does not agree to have the puppy spayed or neutered
To anyone who will allow the dog to be used for medical or experimental purposes
To anyone who will allow physical or emotional abuse of the dog or puppy

We Suggest ...

Entire family meets with the pup/dog before adoption
Crate training while pups/young dogs
Gentle, firm obedience training classes

Adopter Agrees...

Adopter shall not transfer, sell, give away or in any other way change custody of the dog from Adopter to any other person or entity.

If Adopter no longer wants or cannot keep the dog, Adopter must return the dog to Rosie's Animal Adoption


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