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Our Mission

My name is Lynn Drysdale and I started doing this because a friend of mine had 2 female cats that hung around her house and every spring they would have kittens and at the beginning of fall I couldn't bear to see them living out there in the winter so I brought them in and socialized them, fixed and vaccinated them and found them homes. The 3rd year I decided to stop them from having anymore and fixed the mommies and then I started getting them all over, outside , at pounds before they put them to sleep , wherever , people bringing them to the pound to put them to sleep for no reason. This is how Montreal Cat Adoptions started.

Adoption Policy

I have all kinds of little sweethearts for adoption. Some shy ones, some kittens, some older ones who would just love a nice quiet home without a bunch of cats which is kind of hard as I try to save as many as I can . Some that would be good with kids or some that would be good with a much quieter home. Whoever you might be looking for just might be right here. You will never know if you don;t come visit us because a lot of times you have to meet them yourself to see their personality and see if they are the right sweetheart for you and your family. Just call me for a meeting and you never know you just might meet the next little addition to your family.

Recommended Pets

Recommended Pets