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Our Mission

We're a volunteer run non-profit dedicated to finding loving, lasting homes for stray, abandoned, abused or surrendered dogs through collaboration with volunteers, shelters partners and other rescues in our community.

Adoption Policy

Adoption Process

1. Fill out and submit one of our adoption applications
We screen all applications. Applicants will receive an email from S2P to let you know whether or not you have been approved to move forward to the next step in out adoption process. Please allow up to 72 hours for this to happen, as we are a volunteer based rescue and it make take us time to get back to you.

2. Phone interview
Someone from our volunteer team will contact you by email to set up a phone interview. All adults living in the home should be available for the phone interview.

3. Personal references
You will be asked to email us two personal references and a vet reference (if applicable). Please make sure that your references know that they will be contacted by one of our volunteers. Please also call your veterinarian clinic to get permission for them to share information with us.

4. Home visit
Home visits can either be done in-person or virtually, depending on the situation. All members of the household must be present for the home visit, regardless of age. We ask that all areas of the home are available for our volunteer to see, both in-person and virtually.

5. Meet and greet
A meet and greet will be set up with the dog and its foster parent. We require all members of the household to be at the meet and greet, including all dogs living in the home.

6. Post meet and greet
This will happen if there are any questions or concerns that need to be addressed by us or by the applicant. If there are no further questions or concerns, the applicant will contact us to let us know whether or not they would like to move forward with the adoption.

7. Adoption contract requirements
If everything is moving ahead, you will need to complete the adoption contract requirements. We will also ask you to sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee within 72 hours of receiving a congratulations email from us.

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